We're on a mission.

"Our mission is to create reliable and stylish products for our customers backed by superior customer service that consistently exceeds expectations. We want our customers to be excited with their purchase and employees to be proud of the products they create.”

A couple of our own Golden Rules*

*along with the original, of course.



Produce An Excellent Product


At Name Bubbles, our goal is to create durable, long-lasting, personalized name labels in colors, styles and designs as unique as your kids themselves. Our products are backed by a third party safety test, strong quality assurance and a quality control system. We love what we create; it’s the foundation of everything we do, start to finish.



Deliver A “Happy” Customer Experience


Top-notch customer service is a Name Bubbles guarantee. We have a true made in the USA product, with customers across the country and around the globe. From our outstanding products to our friendly, helpful customer service team, we succeed in our goal to make every customer a happy customer.



Pursue Learning and Growth


All of us at Name Bubbles embrace growth and encourage opportunities to share knowledge about our products, with each other and the community at large. After all, this promotes efficiency, helps build a collective team spirit and create a better product and user experience for all of our satisfied customers.



Be Resourceful and Do More With Less


By thinking creatively, we’re able to do more with less. That means making short and long-term strategic plans and committing to them. It means brain-storming ways to become more efficient. It means thinking outside the box about how to meet the highest needs of our customers.



Be Positive, Support One Another


Put on a happy face! We know that a positive attitude is contagious, and all of us at Name Bubbles keep this in mind day in and day out. We know that when we smile, the world smiles with us.



Be Modest


We have our share of group hugs and high-fives, but in everything we do, at every achievement and milestone, we strive to be modest and respectful of others. At Name Bubbles, we recognize that everyone has a gift or something to contribute; when we grow as a group, we all come out ahead.



Be Open To Possibilities


Ah, the amazing power of possibility. With a positive attitude, hard work, a solid strategy and riveted focus, we know we can accomplish anything as a team.



Embrace and Encourage Change


We keep it fresh at Name Bubbles. By embracing change, we’re constantly on the move, making sure everything stays new and exciting, to us, and to our customers.



Maintain a Work-Life Balance


We’re passionate about our work and committed to our jobs, but know it’s also important to live a balanced life. We try our hardest to not lose sight of the bigger picture.



Promote A Sense Of Giving


All of us at Labels to Last understand the value of giving back to families and to our community. We launched our Labeled for Good program within the first year of opening our doors.