Clothing Labels for Nursing Homes

clothing labels for nursing homes

Clothing Labels for Nursing Homes

Labels To Last has the best way to label clothes for nursing homes, retirement communities, and other senior care residents. Choose Stick-On for quick labeling of garments with care tags or Iron-On Labels for a permanent labeling option for tagless clothing. All of our clothing labels are offered in a variety of colors, with some designs offering space for a room or phone number.

Our clothing labels for nursing homes are great for seniors and active adults who misplace things from time to time. These name labels are laundry safe, so your grandparents’ or elderly parents’ clothing can be washed in a normal wash cycle and thrown in the dryer. With our clothing labels for nursing homes, there are no misplaced sweaters left on chairs at Bingo night or forgotten in common rooms. For forgetful parents and the elderly, our clothing name tags for nursing homes are a great option to keep track of all of their precious belongings. 


Active adults may find our permanent iron-on clothing labels to be helpful in keeping track of their workout attire, whether it be for aerobics, golf, or tennis. Our stick-on clothing labels for nursing homes are easy to apply to your sweaters, pants, shirts, socks, shoes, and more. 


Customize a set of iron-on clothing labels for nursing homes with a phone number, a room number, and your family member’s name. You can also personalize the senior clothing label with their favorite colors and a distinct font that is easy to read. With these nursing home labels for clothing, you won’t have to worry that your elderly relatives will lose their socks, sweaters, shirts, or hats.