Clothing Labels
How do I apply press-and-stick Clothing Labels?

For clothing, peel and stick your labels onto the care tag.  Do not place a press-and-stick label directly to fabric as it will peel up or detach after a few wash cycles.

How do I remove press-and-stick Clothing Labels?

To remove, simply peel up a label at the edges. Gently pull until the label lifts off the surface.

Can I use Clothing Labels on other surfaces?

Yes! Our press-and-stick clothing labels can be used on most smooth, flat surfaces.  We would not recommend using these on anything silicone or rubberized as the adhesive may have trouble bonding with the surface.

What type of Clothing Labels should I use if I do not have a care tag?

If you have to place a label directly onto fabric, we would only recommend using our Iron-On style of labels. When applied directly to fabric, press-and-stick labels will peel up or detach after a few washes.

Can I remove my Iron-On Labels?

No, Iron-On labels will fuse directly to fabric during the application process. They cannot be removed once applied.

Waterproof Labels
What are some application tips and tricks for labels?

When applying labels, make sure the surface it clean, dry, and there is no soap residue left behind. Lay the label flat on gently press on the surface; smoothing out any air bubbles trapped beneath the surface. Let the label rest for 24 hours before wear or wash, It helps if the label is fully attached to the surface and the edges are not wrapped and/or cut to fit. Do not cut the labels as this may expose the adhesive and jeopardize the integrity of the bond.

Can I apply my labels to rubber or silicone?

Unfortunately, our adhesive will not bond with rubber or silicone surfaces.

How do I remove my Name Labels?

Our Name Labels can be removed with intent. Peel up an edge of the label to lift it off the surface. If the label has been in place for a considerable amount of time, you may need the assistance of vegetable oil to help ease off the label.

I can’t fit my full name on the labels, what do I do?

Our label preview can only accommodate 20 characters. If you need to add additional text please contact us at before placing your order.

How do I add my logo or custom artwork to my labels?

We do have the ability to print labels with custom graphics. Please email us at for more information.


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