A Partnership Made Easy


A Partnership Made Easy
Labels to Last creates high-quality name label products for assisted living and nursing home facilities. 
We are excited to offer the first e-commerce website platform for all of our partners to sell name labels to their residents.

A Partnership Overview:

  • 10% discount on all customer purchases and 10% back to your organization.
  • Dedicated customer support to ensure a successful labeling experience.
  • Direct payments to your company and up to date reports on all transactions.
  • We provide you with the marketing tools - images to share on Facebook & Instagram, printable flyers, emails, and other donation campaign materials - you'll need to share your fundraising program. All orders are shipped directly to your supporters.


Have Questions?

Our Team is happy to assist with any questions you may have about partnering with Labels to Last. Please send us an email at hello@labelstolast.com or give us a call at (866) 982-9862.