The Labels to Last Press Kit
Labels To Last was a natural evolution for the business’s parent company, Name Bubbles. Through the success of providing high-quality name labels primarily to children, founder Michelle Brandriss realized there were other needs to serve. Staying organized isn’t only a kid’s problem; it’s an every-age problem!
Name Bubble’s began when Michelle noticed the handwritten labels she put on her son’s belongings were falling off and mix-ups kept happening. Michelle knew she wasn't the only parent dealing with lost items—after all, other kids’ bottles were somehow ending up in her son's bag. 
We can replicate this story in many variations over the years. And, after receiving thousands of requests from loyal customers to branch out with designs catered towards adults, and specifically seniors, Labels To Last was born.
With well over a decade in the business, Michelle was able to troubleshoot printing methods and product materials for labels to be dishwasher and laundry safe. Now, the labels customers receive are the best they can be. 
There’s no question that thought and care were put into the creation of this brand. From the customer inquiries coming to life to the research and development necessary for such an important product, this is a product people can be satisfied with.  


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